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Typical MDIware App

The image above is of a MDIware powered application containing 100+ interactive forms. These forms can be opened, shuffled and stacked as in a typical multi-window desktop app. The application controls the operations of a large fiberglass pool manufacturer and is a cloud based clone of their legacy client-server application.
MDIware™ (pronounced m-d-i-ware):
  • Duplicates the look, feel and operation of your legacy desktop applications on the cloud.

  • Eliminates costly redesign and user retraining when migrating applications to the cloud.

  • Simplifies the conversion of client-server and other desktop applications to the cloud.

MDIware™ is compatible with all browsers, web development environments and languages including .Net and php.

Build your applications with MDIware™ and avoid the software obsolescence cycles.

MDIware's window architecture creates a loosely coupled application that is easy to create, debug and maintain.

The History of

Over the past 30 years many businesses have succeeded in creating custom applications that continue to serve them well. Recently however, there has been a push to put all applications on the cloud for increased scalability and security while reducing cost.

A disadvantage of moving to the cloud is that browser based applications are typically displayed one page at a time, whereas many legacy windows applications display multiple documents that can be easily stacked and shuffled for immediate reference.

Although multi-tabbed browsers can mitigate this issue somewhat, even well designed web pages are a poor substitute for a real MDI (Multiple Document Interface).

MDIware eliminates the disadvantages of web applications by providing a multiple windows interface that facilitates web programming.

With MDIware, desktop applications can be quickly ported to the cloud with little or no change in their appearance or functionality thus eliminating costly redesign and staff retraining.

We created MDIware in our business of converting client-server and other desktop applications to the cloud. Now we want to share our success with you.

Customer Testimonial....

KirkSullivan "MDIware allowed us to fast track the development and testing of our new cloud-based operations software.

With MDIware we were able to focus on improvements to our legacy design rather than diving into an expensive, time consuming and unnecessary redesign.

MDIware's familar window environment helped our staff quickly adapt and accept the new system without retraining.

In addition, during the final quality control we were able to run old and new systems side-by-side to validate results."

Kirk Sullivan, CEO of San Juan Pools

MDIware windows can be displayed as Cascading, Tabbed or Stacked as shown in the images below.



MDIware is a professional javascript library that simplifies the creation and management of multiple browser windows and message boxes, including modal, dialog and always-on-top windows. MDIware also provides a framework for inter-window communication. Above all, MDIware is elegantly simple in design and usage.

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